Conspicuous Absence of Garbage Cans Along the Caledon Trailway

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These last few weeks Karin and I have been doing our best to get ready for the Mississauga 1/2 Marathon, as have many others. The Caledon Trailway offers a great alternative to the treadmill, but we could not help noticing the ubiquitous absence of trash cans at several of the marked parking areas, particularly west of Caledon East. Sadly, this has resulted in quite an accumulation of loose and blowing garbage in these spots.

Coincidentally, I spoke with Councilors Richard Paterak and Doug Beffort about this issue early last week. While it is commendable that local chapters of the Boy Scouts have adopted sections of the trail to maintain, perhaps other groups could be encouraged to do the same. Certainly the adjacent property owners would be appreciative, as would the environment, and all that use the trail.

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