Toronto Drivers 13, Pedestrians Zero!!!

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Autos in the G.T.A hit shockingly 4,370 pedestrians last year. This year’s numbers according to many road safety professionals are even appallingly worse!

What can we realistically do about these dire statistics?

Most people assume that this will never happen to one of their loved ones.  What people should keep in mind is that 3 pedestrians were gutted & killed in just these last 2 weekends with 20 reported similar near incidents. Wow!! Clearly, there is a huge problem in the City by the Lake and nobody is immune.

These types of statistical public safety malfeasances are simply inexcusable; it is akin to living in a war zone. “Why visit sunny Syria when a daily walk on the streets of Toronto will inevitably suffice to roll your Grim Reaper roulette number?”

Since when have walking and cycling Toronto streets become so dangerous? Did Rob Ford’s administration’s benign approach to urban transit issues cause this upswing in accidents and pedestrian fatalities? Could it be poor lighting, idiot & murderous drivers, wacky devil may care pedestrians or all of the above? Or perhaps it is just the diminishing daylight hours of the late fall & early winter?  Surely, this alone cannot be the sole factor behind these new grimacing numbers.

The real question remains; What can be done to take back the streets and make them safer?

More often it is simple, affordable measures that often work best. Being highly visible has to be a very good thing whether you are walking or cycling the streets of our City.

So what about the City celebrating & delivering “Small Broaches of Distinction” to the citizens of this vast world class city that best exemplify an illuminated or colourful fashion statement while cycling or walking.  Select a half a dozen commuters of each gender, every month who display that panache for fashion, that makes our streets brighter, vibrant and safer places to traverse.

Lets encourage people to throw away those all too drab, dark winter outfits for a more youthful, spirited look & wardrobe. This would be a boon for local retailers.  It would logically drastically reduce the probability of not being seen and hit. More importantly, it may also help a lot of people get through these ultra drab days of late November, December & January. Dress for the season and success by wearing something bright, energetic and semi reflective!

Time to Stand out from the herd; let’s help make Toronto dance with vitality. So why not be the first on your block to strut your stuff? Lets start by donning that bright & happy Christmas apparel. This way we can all find things to celebrate through these dark and gloomy cold winter months.  Lets be seen and let’s be safe by showing to the world at large, that Toronto is in fact a bustling Mecca for Avant-Garde Winter Clothing.

Now Mayor Tory, where are those “Clothing Broaches of Distinction”? Making our streets safer should remain a top priority but also creating a meritorious showcase for Canadian fashion design is just an added bonus. “Calling all retailers” let us help you!

We intuitively know you are working towards better-illuminated crosswalks and grid avenues dedicated to cyclists. We salute your fortitude & foresight but here is a fun way to save lives now! May God Speed it’s public inauguration & purposeful acceptance.

May everyone have a safe and happy holiday season and to our American friends & relatives, Happy Thanks Giving.



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