400 Strong Hike for Bethell Hospice; May 1st, 2016

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On Sunday May 1st, 2016, our very own Tom & Karin Bremner participated in the Hike for Bethell Hospice to help celebrate 25 years of service throughout the Dufferin Community.balloon As many are unaware, Bethell Hospice is the only senior care facility that is free of charge, and offering service and amenities to the Dufferin area and West Woodbridge. Bethell Hospice does not withhold service and care from those based on their financial standing. The Bethell Hospice is able to provide such a wonderful service through the kind and generous acts of volunteers all throughout the community, working to raise money through various events to fund this amazing foundation.

So a very special thank you goes out to Karin and Tom, as well as all the other volunteers, who walked/ran/jogged, (in the rain and cold I might add) for such an outstanding foundation.

Cheers, to 25 more years!

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