2017 Vision Zero Road Safety Plan & The Arts De Mode Pin

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Here is documented proof about increasing pedestrian fatalities, as published by the City of Toronto : https://www1.toronto.ca/City%20Of%20Toronto/Transportation%20Services/VisionZero/Links/2017%20Vision%20Zero%20Road%20Safety%20Plan.pdf
Little has really changed,except for the enhanced rhetoric about promised change   IE; Just this Saturday Nov 4th 2107,  8 pedestrians & 1 cyclists  where struck from 8 am to 11 am. Where & when do we draw the line.
A simple case in point;
The Bloor St. bike lanes have had a 50% increase in bike traffic, local business experienced a similar uptick in business> 5%.   Conversely vehicles were slowed in their commute by an average of 3 minutes.
Clearly given these prevailing irrefutable facts, this should be the equivalent of a non brainer for City Council.   Yet debate continues throughout the day on the viability of making this approx. 3 km stretch of roadway becoming a permanent fixture.
Fulfilling the aspirations inherent to a 40 year old dream are philosophically bucolic. Ignoring the present day 77% majority who favor the project is politically reckless.  We need more bike lanes & pedestrian zones if we are to become a world class city of the future.

Please Support the Arts De Mode Concept by emailing your local councillor.  It will certainly assist in brightening our attire & making our streets safer to commute especially thru the dark winter months.

View our blog post just last year regarding the Arts De Mode Pin and the issues surrounding pedestrian fatalities within the GTA: http://www.reappraisals.ca/2016/06/21/pedestrians-need-arts-de-mode-pin/

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