50 BREAK & ENTRIES in West Caledon within 6 Months!

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Perhaps it is Time to Prime our shotguns with laser sighting?
Several homes on Cedar drive, McLaughlin road & Credit-view were reportedly targeted on the same day last week.
That makes 36 reported break-ins in Ward 1 within the last few months. These have been mostly smash & grab robberies. Conducted within very narrow time frames.
Please report immediately any suspicious activity to your local residents association & the police.
-Cars idling at the side of the road with oddly suspicious sight lines.
-Politely question any strangers in your immediate neighbourhood.  (May I help you?, Are you visiting the Smith’s? etc.)
Speak with your neighbours ASAP so we can get the word out before someone accidentally encounters the culprits!

One thought on “50 BREAK & ENTRIES in West Caledon within 6 Months!

  1. The count is quickly climbing and the actual count is at 131 break and entries! Christmas can become a desperate time for some so please be cautious and aware of your surroundings.
    The real question is why don’t we have a description of the culprit(s)? Isn’t there security footage?


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