3 Tiny Earth Day Resolutions That Can Make A World Of Difference!

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There is little argument that Facebook has had a very Bad Week! Factually It has dropped $60 billion in value in just the last few days, for corporate behavior that was most unbecoming! Facebook is also being accused by numerous psychologists of creating a massive vortex of loneliness & depression. These doctors claim that it creates illusionary communication by fostering addictive tendencies.

Here & now is where we would like to differ & demonstrate how Facebook can Help save the World!

Consequential things like Promoting (Earth Day) allows companies like Facebook to demonstrate how quickly they instigate the very best of positive social change. These social media Goliaths can instantaneously, through their billions of clients advocate for honest communications by like minded individuals;
Attached below are 3 simple individual resolutions that can help create a better environment & a much stronger self sustaining world.
The late Steven Hawking perhaps encapsulated it best “the human race is just a chemical scum on a moderate –sized planet, orbiting around a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a Hundred Billion Galaxies”. Let us act now!

# 1; If people simply used Zinc based Sunscreen instead of BP-2 sun filters. The world`s Oceans would be spared 6,000 tons of Benzophenone toxins from killing our Coral Reefs. Scientists & Oceanographers have proven that < than an ounce of BP-2 can kill all the coral in an area the size of an Olympic pool. It is widely estimated that we have ALREADY LOST 50% of the Worlds Coral Reefs. Clearly there is much immediate room for improvement!

#2; Stop buying water in disposable plastic bottles ASAP! A vivid example of our love of plastic is epitomized by the great Pacific Garbage Patch which is now 3 times the size of France. There are 4 other rapidly expanding Ocean Gyres which are trapping this floating poisonous & dangerous debris.
Buy a reliable refillable water bottle. Besides it will save you thousands of $ over the next decade.

#3; Reduce your consumption of Meat! Why? Because methane gas is 4.5 times more powerful than Carbon Dioxide which is quickly shrouding our planet and making our planet grow warmer by the day. Cattle are the # 1 source of methane on our planet.

Finally, if you feel that more can be done this Earth Day. Just think of the thickening Gray Shadow that is descending upon our Northern Ice Shields. Believe it or not most of this motley Gray ground cover is the by-product of cheap diesel fuel particulates being expelled by older marine vessels which are expanding their frequency into our Artic waters.
The consequences of spewing these airborne containments can be observed in the recorded demise of the Greenland ice sheet. Which has recessed by greater than 30 feet in thickness in less than a decade. Subsequently, It has released trillions of tons of ice water into the Labrador Channel which then pushes the warm Gulf Stream further south before turning east.
The 5 major North Easters that have struck the N/E United States this winter will be pale harbingers of what the near future has in store. If this degradation contamination process continues unabated in the Arctic.

Please join us in petitioning the Justin Trudeau`s Federal Liberal party in a request to make our North West passage a “diesel free zone” to large commercial freighters & passenger ships.. Feel free to email our office admin@reappraisals.ca with your commitment to saving our Arctic.


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  1. Check out this two minute video about the discovery of a compound found in seaweed that can help protext us from the suns harmful rays.

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