Elderly Orphans or Child Day Care?

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There is a poignant biblical tale about Solomon declaring before two plaintiffs that the new born be sliced in two!
One mother did not contest the ruling, declaring that if she could not have the baby then neither of them could, but the other begged Solomon.
                                            “Give the Baby to her, just don’t kill him”.
The modern parallel is the Faustian trade off that exists between the recent political promise of extending free day care (Ontario) & proper care for our elderly.
The 2016 Census chronicles that there are now more seniors (5.9 million) than children under 14 (5.8 million) in Canada.
The Golden Years as many discover are not so Golden; nearly 50% of seniors live alone.
IE;  This pending epidemic of social isolation has enormous social implications & costs.
      Please keep in mind that 57 years is now the average age of a widow in Canada.
      Senior housing now costs $5,000 or more per month. Please keep in mind that Ontario has no minimum standards of care!  Which means residents are not guaranteed a certain number of hours of care per day.
Sadly Care Givers are given the equivalent of 6 minutes to effectively deliver services to long term care patients.
Do we not as a society owe something much better than this to these long time tax payers? These veterans of numerous world conflicts (Korean, Sinai, Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, etc.).
      Several other quick facts, dementia rates are anticipated to rise by 66% over the next 15 years. 11% of long term patients are under 65. The collapse of the nuclear family is also contributing to this burgeoning number.
Perhaps it is time for us as a society to start advocating for better, more ubiquitous home care for seniors? Study after study unequivocally advocate about the benefits of caring for our elderly at home.
Why is there not an affordable (TAX Deductible or Government subsidized) service for in home service available?
Why is there not more progressive plans for independent senior housing?
Why do Canadian communities continue to ignore this invaluable in-house experienced resource?
Please keep in mind as commendable as the promise to provide Fee Day Care province wide, there are far more pressing needs to being addressed in the rapidly expanding population of Canadian seniors.
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