Plastic`s sticky relationship with Cancer #EarthDay #Plastic #SaveWildlife

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Repeated studies now indicate that >80% of all Municipal water systems in the Americas contain microscopic plastic fibers.

Scientists have definitively correlated Plastics & Prostrate cancer in young men. The $64,000  question remains;  Could these residual microfibers of plastic be causing other forms of cancer ?

Could these almost indiscernible fibers be one of the root causes behind the explosion in dementia in our advanced societies ?

What can we as an individual do about the 300 million tons of plastic that are produced annually ? (300,000,000 times 2,200 equals 660,000,000,000 pounds)

Perhaps thinking small is the answer;   Stop using plastic whenever & wherever possible.   Politely encourage others ! Just think If smoking can drop by more than 5 fold inside 50 years, so can the ubiquitous use of killer plastics.

Let us all start today,by buying a reusable water bottle & forfeiting on using plastic bags.

Advocate for Municipal garbage incinerators.  IE: 660 billion pounds of garbage could easily heat a few cities !

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