Looking Into A Rental Abyss

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Less than 1% rental vacancy rates basically encapsulates the dire immediate need for innovative municipal & provincial changes to zoning by laws. There is also an inherent warning against politically pandering to the exploding wave of nimby-ism that is exploding throughout all our hamlets, villages and boroughs of the G.T.A.

Presently, Nearly 65% of Toronto is zoned for single family homes. Technically this does not allow any home owner from legally converting their home into a duplex or triplex. This type of policy and many similar ones just perpetuates urban sprawl.

Parents & people in general continually comment on the cost of housing and how will their offspring possibly afford a future home.  Politically advocating & facilitating minor zoning changes could be that panacea.

If young people are to continue & prosper in our City,  let your voices be heard;   Do not let the Village People be the only voice that is heard.  Change is inevitable, some change is needed and good.  Many Seniors need added income, enhanced social contact & assistance. Let us use the immediate housing resources at our disposal by being more inclusive in our thinking.

Toronto is no longer living in the ERA of the Cleaver`s. There are 150,000 plus new Canadians coming to the G.T.A. annually. How many of these can afford a 850 sq. ft. million $ condo or a million $ townhouse in the burbs?

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