The Tiny Blue Planet is Celebrating!

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2019 is the 4th anniversary of the International, Year of the Reef. “I.C.R.I”. This grass roots, non profit association now has 225 organizations in over 50 countries. Their primary goal is to renew decimated coral reefs, preserve aquatic ecosystems and advocate for new marine protected areas.

Best to remember an old proverb; “If the Oceans are the World`s Lungs, then Coral Reefs are it`s rib cage”. One can not survive without the other.

Please take a minute to view a few of the attached photos which might better explain the crucial work that this community of organizations is trying to accomplish.

Everyone at Accurate Appraisals thanks all for their interest & concern.

PS; Global warming has in the last 2 decades become a quintessential part of our lexicon; Large Sea Grass beds & Kelp forests are huge counterbalancing reservoirs for these CO 2 gases.

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