Friends, Caledonians, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears!

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The lack of painted crosswalks at many of our busy Caledon trail road crossings is modestly analogous to the often sited Broken Window theory of criminology.
                 The potential for small stores, craft breweries and other tourist oriented businesses to truly capitalize on the tens of thousands hikers, cyclists and equestrians that fill our various Headwater area trail-ways every year is effectively negated by the poor maintenance of our ancillary and connecting infrastructure.
Recreational cycling in Canada now generates approximately a billion dollars annual business. Why is Caledon not doing more to capture this lucrative Golden Goose?
However, all of this is foreshadowed by the poor publicity generated by the laissez faire attitude applied to what must be almost mandatory safety regulations in all other G8 nations..(our trail road crossings).
Next time you walk or ride the Caledon trail or any of it`s many interconnecting sisters, just count the cars whizzing by on Mississauga, Gore or Old Church road. Then ask your selves, don`t you, your family and friends deserve better ?
Please let your local representatives know.
Call, Email, Text, Twitter or Instagram but just start by advocating for those little things that truly can make a big difference in our community!
Everyone at Accurate Appraisals is very thankful to Karen Martin-Robbins at Metroland for her intrepid coverage of these recent trail events.

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