40,000 Commuters Hoodwinked in Caledon Village!

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Kilometer long, north & south back-ups are the new welcome to Caledon Village along Highway 10.
The morning & evening charm of this week day reality has infinite spin off potential.
Facetiously it is the choke, swear, & grind of your auto through the village for the next 25 minutes. It is not implausible to imagine that local children might be mandated to don surgical masks as they await their bus pick-ups. Just think what the new 413 Highway will add to this equation!
May we ask for assistance in posting your photos of the bewildering saunter through the Village.
As there are so many cars and trucks, perhaps the time has arrived to request a real by-pass?
How do we make the commute along Highway 10 quicker but safer!

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