Safer Roadways?

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hwy 10 crash


Just imagine what 20,000,000 sq. ft. of additional trucking warehouse space will mean for our Dufferin/Caledon roadways. This 20 million sq. ft. of just-in-time warehouse delivery is a good guestimate to what has already been approved – never mind what is further back in the pipeline.

If the Bolton Canadian Tire plant is a true barometer of gauging additional road traffic, traffic analysts estimated that 1 million sq. ft. adds approx. 400 trucks per day. This evidently means within the foreseeable future our highways would be managing an additional 8,000 trucks on a daily basis!

This is a major issue in-and-of itself, without also considering the effect of a couple of new northerly subdivisions and approved quarries. One will need not travel to such exotic locales as eastern Europe, or the middle east, to discover the alarming by-product of poor road design, heavy vehicle volume and fast cars. Our Highway 10 daily commuters will certainly see their daily commute become dangerously stressful, and equipped with moments of First Class gridlock.

These are simply unacceptable circumstances for our hardworking taxpayers. Increased focus in terms of soliciting value-added jobs, bolstering safer communities, better coordinated highways & byways is imperative.

Feel free to contact any one of our three offices to let us know what you think!

P.S. Check out the article below, which is a published letter to the Caledon councillors written by owner of Accurate (Peel) Appraisals, Thomas Bremner. Also, see our blog post from earlier this month titled 40,000 Commuters Hoodwinked in Caledon Village which reinforces the on-going conflicts for Highway 10 commuters.

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