The Tragedies Continue…

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If you have been keeping up with our recent blogs regarding the traffic and safety issues on Highway 10, you are familiar with our position on this issue.

As we have repeatedly stated in our blogs, Highway 10 is a dangerously common source of major vehicle collisions, and requires various safety issues to be addressed. See the links below that cover two accidents which occurred Monday September 30th on Highway 10 (sadly preceded by a third major crash on Highway 89 the same day that caused a closure). Both highway 10 accidents were precisely where we have argued that changes must be made.

This stretch of road just north of Caledon Village to Olde Base Line remains a hazardous danger zone, and isn’t nearly as chaotic as the King St interchange! Just count them; nearly 30 unfettered access driveways within 1/2 KM of the crossroads, leaving plenty of opportunity to tragedy.

What we need, among several other upgrades, is a by-pass in Caledon Village, as well as a full 410 extension (perhaps toll) all the way to Highway 89. This would at the very least prevent some incidents. Every ended and negatively impacted life matters, and these changes are long overdue.

Feel free to contact any one of our three offices to let us know what you think!

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