Leading by Example!

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These 2 intrepid appraisers have completed > 8,000 appraisals in just the last decade;   many of them requiring a skill set most-indicative of their advanced pedagogical studies & 1/2 dozen years of post-university candidacy.

Marcus (left) and Pritesh (right) are indeed the trailblazers for 6 of their fully engaged colleagues, all of whom are within a year of completing their arduous apprenticeship at Accurate Appraisals. They will join a national professional organization of <4,000 members.

It has truly been a professional highlight for David, Karin and Tom to mentor these candidates, as they have consistently exhibited such a high degree of integral tenacity to work & study at this augmented level.

These candidates & their Designated or Accredited associates are consistently personable, polite, and radiate the utmost professionalism. Accurate Appraisals is filled with pride when we receive direct requests for specific appraisers, coming highly recommended from previous satisfied clients.

Succinctly, when one is ascertaining true real estate value, as well as comprehensive, high-quality appraisal reports, please do not hesitate to contact any of our 3 offices; we would be happy to assist!

Last but not least, Accurate Appraisals is searching for qualified A.A.C.I (commercial) candidates to work & train with our organization.  Please submit any resumes via contacts found at www.reappraisals.ca

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