Brightening up your Home this Winter!

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Feeling blasé since the clocks flipped back? Well try a few of these little tips to help lighten the mood around your home:
1. Uncover your hardwood and roll up the your area rug. It allows natural light to reflect off the floors.
2. Replace your daylight & cool white light bulbs with warm white bulbs. Stronger bulbs (25 watts to 50 w) in high traffic areas       (kitchen, bathrooms, & hallways) helps brighten the mood.
3. Display festive colourful decorations whenever you can mixed with a display of flowers.
4.  Place a  flowering plant by your kitchen or bathroom window wherever you can.
5. Remove the screens from your windows & open your drapes/raise your blinds.
6.  Invest in lighter coloured slip covers, tablecloths, & bed sheets.
7. Brighten up with some art work.  Colourful paintings or pictures provide bursts of of colour throughout the year. (Children           and grandchildren’s are an affordable option).
8. Painting a room in light colours will make the room look brighter & larger, however incorporating pods of colour along an accent wall will make the room even more dynamic & brighter.
9. Keep your windows clean to allow all of the outdoor light in!
If you have any other questions regarding enhancing the value of your home this winter please feel free to contact any 1 of our 4 offices listed below but also inclusive of  Heritage Caledon @ 124 Main street north , Brampton
May we wish everyone a safe & most festive upcoming holiday season!

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