Cost of a few cans of paint…

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Cost of a few cans of paint…

One of many perks of living near or within the Caledon area is the enjoyment of the stunning trailway. That being said, a lack of distinct painted lines at the various busy intersections has proven to be fatally dangerous. The cost of a few cans of paint is certainly not considered to be a form of frivolous spending, so one can only wonder, why are lives being put at risk at this cost?

Please see the links below to learn more about the efforts put forth by co-owner of Accurate (Peel) Appraisals, Tom Bremner. He is a passionate advocate for safety, and has been actively lobbying for positive change for several years.–cost-of-a-few-cans-of-paint-calls-for-better-safety-at-caledon-rail-trail-crossings/

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