Why Not Us?

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Great Britain pledges $17 billion to become a Mini-Holland.

As Toronto trudges along in becoming a truly world class city, Britain’s Boris Johnson has proudly announced $7.5 billion transport plan, specifically for bikes and buses. Great Britain’s major cities will de facto become replicas of a mini Holland where bike, bus and train transport seamlessly coexist.

Mr. Johnson’s conservative government has demonstrated some savvy long-term thinking, by allocating an additional $10 billion for active transport, promoting such basic subtleties as walking, skateboarding, rollerblading and cycling.

At least 10% of this total will be allocated for > 400 kms of new, high-quality, separated cycle routes co-joining with safe junctions. If you have read our blog titled Cars Outduel Bullets, you are aware that this is something our city of Toronto is desperately awaiting (http://www.reappraisals.ca/2020/01/02/cars-outduel-bullets-killing-42/).

Rationally, the citizens of the G.T.A deserve much more than muted promises about a distant universe in which your children and their grand children can commute and traverse safely through our urban environment; this is presently imperative. Such redundant platitudes do an injustice to the memories of the > 200 pedestrians and cyclists who have lost their lives throughout the past few years.

Creating an urban environment where the various methods of transportation operate in a smooth-flowing, cohesive, and safe nature is crucial and should nonetheless be an immediate priority. In addition to being life-preserving, it would inevitably enhance the lives of millions, reduce health care costs and help beautify our urban oasis.

Perhaps the time has finally arrived to ask yourself, why not us?

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