We are Stronger Together!

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While Covid-19 has certainly been a negative experience for the world, something uplifting in all of this is the feelings of unity and support towards our health care workers, as well as the ongoing message that we are “all in this together”.
We invite you to follow the link below to an article about first responders in Mississauga, who proudly saluted hospital workers for their hard work and dedication. We truly owe so much to all those working in the medical field, as they are putting themselves at risk on a daily basis to reduce the overall risk to the general public, of contracting this worrisome virus.
We also recommend following the link below to a video about military wives. It is a beautiful tribute to women who endure such heartache as their spouses are away at war, but they find peace and hope in recognizing that they are stronger together! This is certainly something uplifting to start your week on a positive note, and relevant at this particular time. All Canadians, and all humans, at a time with so much uncertainty surrounding this virus – we are stronger together.
Have a wonderful week!

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