Music for Hope!

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Today, with 186 countries falling under siege from this horrible virus, please take a minute – while you scroll through the following list of the far-reaching consequences of being ill-prepared for this pandemic – to view & listen to Andrea Bocelli sing Music for Hope at the Duomo Cathedral in Milan. This performance occurred this past holiday weekend.
Financial Consequences of Covid 19
 1. Inflated Government Deficits & Debt
2. Augmented health care services
3. Escalating Income Inequality
4. Greater Social Stratification
5. Mitigated Immigration Quotas
6. Restrictive Travel Controls
7. Enhanced public surveillance
8. A New Abated Economic Normal
9. Near Zero % Lending Rates next 3 years
10. Massive Cooperative(government/private) Infrastructure Projects
11. Significantly higher & ubiquitous tax levels
12. At best a stagnant housing market
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