The Burlington Bullet & it’s Consequences!

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Sometime last week, the O.P.P arrested someone going nearly 200 km over the posted speed limit on the Q.E.W. Yes, you read that correctly, the driver was moving > 300 KM.
Can this bizarre behavior be a consequence of being quarantined for 2 months, or just irrational arrogance? This remains open to interpretation.
However, there is no question that many of our essential workers have commented on a new level of edginess being exhibited by numerous drivers. Noted patterns include, but are certainly not limited to, faster speeds, erratic lane changes, bumper hugging, texting while driving, etc.
One thing is for certain… yesterday, while performing essential appraisal services on 3 rural (river front) properties, one could not help but notice the ubiquitous presence of police cruisers.
No less than 15 O.P.P were spotted – 7 unmarked, and 8 fully decaled during this particular appraiser’s 180 km round-trip. Many were modestly concealed, suggesting a speed trap,  or perhaps the officers were assessing tickets/warnings. So, if you are traveling anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe over the next week, our suggestion would be to tread lightly in effort to avoid costly tickets, as law enforcement are notably increasing their attention to drivers.
Evidently, some drivers need to be reminded of the consequences of reckless behaviour – both their own, as well as if their actions harm another.
Meanwhile, stay strong, stay safe & stay well.   We will get through this together by working in harmony.

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