Puddles and Potholes and Cracks – Oh My!

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You may be familiar with the CAA Magazine annual campaign titled Canada’s Worst Roads. We thought it might be interesting to publish a blog outlining the road in Caledon that we think requires the utmost TLC.

McLaughlin Rd runs parallel to Highway 10, and evidently proves quite convenient for residents of Caledon, particularly in the Village of Inglewood. Nonetheless, the wear and tear on this scenic road is causing it to be a danger zone.




It can be easily noted in the image to the left that the road is deteriorating on a slant. As such, vehicles risk being pulled onto the shoulder, and losing control of their vehicle. This would be especially dangerous during adverse winter weather conditions, which are quite common in Canada. Most importantly, this could easily result in a serious collision with a pedestrian, as pedestrians are afforded the shoulder as walking space.









Moreover, it is rare that a person can sit in the middle of his or her car and touch the windows on either side simultaneously. If the lane a driver is using is practically armslength, how can a vehicle fit safely, let alone additional pedestrians?







As you can see in this final photo, which depicts the bridge on McLaughlin Rd, not only has the road narrowed even more, such that only two small vehicles could fit simultaneously, but their is no shoulder on either side. If two vehicles were to cross the bridge at the same time as a pedestrian, that pedestrian would have minimal time to determine a safe escape from a dangerous collision.






Puddles and potholes and cracks – oh my! One can only help but wonder… can a vehicle fit in that lane?






We hope McLaughlin Rd can get the repairs it desperately needs, as it truly is a beautiful road for cycling and walking in the summer months.

Is there a road in your neighbourhood that you would consider “the worst”? We would love to hear from you!

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