A Day of Infamy!

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A Day of Infamy!
Nearly 80 years ago, FDR referenced these words highlighting the historic nature of the attack on Pearl harbour on December 7th, 1941.
Citizens of Caledon should likewise mark this day in their Civic Calendar.
Once again, Provincial Transport Authorities veto-ed Town Council recommendations regarding safety upgrades along Highway 10 – untruthfully arguing that deaths along this busy strip of highway are within acceptable limits. However, one could easily argue that these acceptable limits are only hold validity if the roads are supplying all measures possible to ensure the safety of drivers.
Perhaps the time is finally at hand that the Village Citizens’ groups step forward in support of their local councillors who are advocating for positive change.
Again, we are most indebted to Karen Martin–Robbins of the Caledon enterprise for her continued astute coverage of issues that matter within our community.

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