2021 Roadways Outlook

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Regrettably sometime in 2022, Caledon will have 2 less regional councilors. This loss in representation might present an excellent opportunity to show the electorate why your vote truly counts!
Perhaps this is the time to stand up and be counted regarding the very poor condition of our regional roadways. Even during these tepid commuting days of the lockdown. The vast majority of the daily commuting public can readily attest that travelling anywhere remains a logistical nightmare.
As you all know through 2021 and onwards, the existing tax payers of Caledon are faced with certain grim realities.
One of these is that expansive, densely designed new subdivisions are mushrooming all along our southern and northern extremities.
We must acknowledge that these generically designed habitats will soon duplicate themselves here in Caledon. This simply means that such a contrast from our long held development philosophy will immediately illuminate the innumerable constraints besieging our regional cousins.
Aside from our population doubling in nine years, traffic volumes might easily triple or more. This singular issue will ultimately have the gravest of consequences. One must ask, just how many of our friends and neighbours will be injured or killed before we can realistically expect substantive change?
Feel free to reference www.reappraisals.ca regarding the semi documented frequency and degree of accidents along our roadways, particularly on highway 10. Within four years 25 individuals were killed and there was close to 100 near fatalities. In addition to these appalling numbers, there were hundreds of other lesser accidents. The vast majority occurring on highway 10 between Valley wood and Orangeville. Surely the citizens of Caledon deserve something better!
Please keep in mind that this rapidly evolving quandary is above all else a moral issue. How this is handled will ultimately determine the character of Caledon.
May everyone stay safe and well through all of 2021.

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