What have we become?

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Police looking for 3 suspects after man beaten in homophobic attack at Toronto Islands

The month of June is pride month.

Many of us are simply stunned that during this month of universal love that such a heinous assault has not solicited greater social commentary and subsequent outrage.

It is inevitable that much about our city will be predicated on how officials respond to this unprovoked attack.

Since the 1960’s, Hanlon’s point has generated broad appeal to all that need respite from our omnipresent concrete megalith. Never imagine that this is an isolated incident as this could easily happen to anyone that frequents the islands.

The demonstrated tenacity to apprehend the culprits will by default determine whether our City of Toronto is the Good, or devolving into a Rotten Gotham.

May we all wish the victim, David Gomez a full recovery.  May God speed!

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