Highway 10 through Caledon Claiming 2 More Souls.

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Recently despite the valiant efforts of local Councillor Lynn Kiernan and her 45 volunteers. All of whom braved the windy elements in a concerted effort to draw attention to many of the blatant safety deficiencies endemic to south highway 10. The highway claimed at least two more souls. We sincerely salute all those that volunteered. Kudos to all!

Regrettably, these noble demonstrations of concern have not mitigated the death toll on this stretch of provincial highway.  It continues to steadily and irrefutably climb. Significant injuries and non-fatal accidents are now so commonplace, hardly merit mention in the news…

For instance, these latest fatalities resulted in two shutdowns of HWY 10. One of the immediate consequences of directing thousand of vehicles onto our side streets was a Buster Keeton-like episode of trucks getting stuck under train trestles and thousands of vehicles driving willy-nilly through the hills in a desperate bid to find their way home. Undoubtedly the residents of wards 1 and 2 were awash in delight by this wandering mass.

The shutdown on the 14th was yet another deja-vu morning of massive traffic diversions. That inevitably percolated through the many residential neighborhoods of north Brampton. Surely there must be a better way?

While we wait patiently for change on our local highway; May we all enjoy the end of the month festivities.

Stay Safe!

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