$35 Trillion in New Wealth !

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People all over are deliberating and becoming very concerned about the rising cost of all essential materials. Especially food and shelter. Many ask; How can the economic mandarins espouse that inflation is approx. 3% or less? While price is rising over 1% a month? 

Example: Local gas prices have risen 51.35 % a year.


Perhaps acknowledging that the G 20 nations have increased the money supply by >30% in < 3 years might be an excellent starting point!!  This, strongly implies that transitory inflation does not mean short-lived.


Closer to home, this morning`s Globe & Mail espouses that this escalating inflationary cycle has resulted in “Parents gave their adult kids more than 10 billion dollars to buy houses in the past year”.


Looking forward it is estimated that By 2040 Toronto`s population is expected to exceed 9 million.  So one can only ask: So where does the housing market go from here?


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