Hwy 10 Dangerous Roads

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Afternoon Mayor Thompson,

Mostly, due to the never-ending joys and tribulations of running a small professional business here in Caledon. I stumbled upon this belated reply and posted an update, pardon my undeniable tardiness. We at Accurate Appraisals; thank you for the (overlooked) but much-needed added support.

One of my dedicated colleagues a few years back took the liberty of posting your retort. Thankfully, the myriad of preceding emails and posts from my colleagues, neighbors, and the occasional newspaper article regarding road safety deficiencies generated enough positive sentiment. Most of what was written had its genesis in the aftermath. 25 deaths occurred within 24 months on HWY 10. These deaths resonated loudly enough to merit modest safety measures; making an awkward approach to road safety.

However, being successful even if it is in bits and pieces. Give’s one modest purpose to know that the years of requesting and informing are finally bequeathed. Rest assured that these seemingly modest infrastructure intersections have saved lives and countless injuries. Your political deftness allowed the voices of many, to successfully ask for a sensible change.   Most regrettably, there is again an urgent need for additional affirmative safety upgrades along Highway 10. Sadly, the 2 deaths on the 12th and 14th of October resulted in extended road closures along with unbelievable mayhem on our side roads. All major roads through Caledon remain in the top 10, of the most dangerous roads within the province. Surely we as a community and a society, we can do much better!



                                              Thomas Bremner.

                                            P.App. C.R.A, Broker.


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