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Good Morning,

The pavers are making good progress with their paving contract on McLaughlin Road North. This is inclusive of the Improvements to Canada`s Great Trail & the Credit Valley Trail. The easterly shoulder of the McLaughlin road has for decades been given a rudimentary widening.  It would be most advantageous to all concerned if this easterly road shoulder could be maximized to the full breadth of its measure. The road paving crew will likely finish their contract by week’s end.  Perhaps a cordial visit on such a beautiful fall day might merit some additional girth to this tiny section of the Trans Canada Trail. Every extra foot of width exponentially lowers the risk of future incidents and accidents.


Thanking all for their assistance.

Respectfully, Tom.

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  1. Good afternoon Mr. Bremner,

    I understand you’ve been interested in the road work underway on McLaughlin Road, between The Grange Sideroad and McColl Drive and I wanted to provide you with some information pertaining to this project. The proposed work has included the following general construction items: pulverizing the existing road surface, grading the pulverized material, adding additional granular material for shaping, compacting the stone and reinstating the surface with hot mix asphalt. This is a typical practice, but to accommodate some requests we have also made some alterations; firstly, the southeast-bound lane will be 3.30m wide. The northwest-bound lane of traffic, on the same side as McColl Drive, will include the 3.30m wide driving lane and a 1.50m wide asphalt shoulder. This work has been undertaken in this manner by the Operations department as a road surface renewal since previous conditions of the road surface and shoulder were not advantageous for us to simply pave over the adjacent shoulder. The method we have used will provide a more durable end product and remove any concern of asphalt surface segregation and potential for road surface deficiencies. To ensure the quality of work prior to the hot mix asphalt surface placement, the Town requested granular material compaction testing at various locations within the pulverized road section and will review the results and instruct the contractor to proceed with paving when satisfied with the results.

    The proposed asphalt shoulder width was carefully reviewed by staff on site to maximize the paved surface and found that 1.50m would be achievable along the entire road segment. To provide drivers and paved shoulder users a visual separation, we intend on placing a white edge line 1.50m from the northeast edge of road that will help delineate the two lanes of travel.
    I trust this additional information will be beneficial. If you would like any further information, please contact me at your convenience.

    Thank you and have a great day.

    James Lane, C.E.T., C.R.S.-I
    Superintendent, Road Operations
    Office: (905) 584-2272 x 4453
    Fax:  (905) 584-4325
    Email: james.lane@caledon.ca

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