A Sincere Thank-you to Caledon Road department!

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Hello James;

Fixing the ward 1 roadways and their 2 parallel trail-ways has been a small but pivotal step forward.  There is no doubt that Caledon has become a richer and fuller community due to the efforts of you and your colleagues. May it also be noted that after nearly 15 years of petitioning the many jolly pranksters at Accurate Appraisals who pledged their long-held support are sincerely elated that one of their primary pledges is now being delivered. Plus, every local ratepayer’s association should be very pleased to acknowledge, that every level of government coalesced (large signs) in making McLaughlin road a safer commute.  This is simply a tangible tribute to good civic governance. Congrats to all contributors!


Knowing that the road shoulders will be tapered in the not-so-distant future is also most reassuring. Especially to all those that presently traverse the trails and the millions that will inevitably follow. Finally; now that these long rehearsed yet relatively mundane points have been vindicated. IE; Local Bi-ways and trail crossings being fixed; larger traffic lights on HGH 10 with advanced green lights, better overhead intersections illumination, painted crosswalks, etc… The jolly pranksters forfeit a deep sense of gratitude to all the local support without which none of these points would have made any headway. Perhaps, willing it is time for the full community to put a push on the provincial M.T.O to now affirmatively ameliorate Highway 10. Widen, separate, install better lighting(traffic & overhead), create massive roundabouts where required, and limit road access. These would be excellent commencement points. The continued and escalating carnage simply defies plausible explanations. The 100`s of annual accidents and dozens of near fatalities besmirches all citizens.


Local residents and thousands of commuters regularly comment that the near-weekly vehicle diaspora that besieges our newly renovated binary roads is reprehensibly inexcusable.
The repeated sacking of our domestic GDP caused by these road closures has become an annual thrashing of billions.
This legion like the onslaught of our countryside occurs every time there is a significant accident on Hurontario. Certainly, there has to be a better way than using 1970`s road technology in the 21st century? Despite the recent infrastructure and much-appreciated upgrades to these local hamlet roadways.  These village-oriented roads should under no circumstances be used as an alternative conduit for heavy commercial vehicles. Regrettably, we all know this is not the case!


Hope your day is going well. Have a most productive week.

Thomas  Bremner

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