Swoops & Swoops of Sandhill Cranes Spotted!

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It would seem that more than us earth-bound commoners, now know that the borders are officially open! Over the last few days, 3 or 4 sizable sedges of cranes have been spotted headed south. These ponderous pilots of the sky have in decades past formed flocks of tens of thousands on their journey south. The most recently observed numbers are far from the days of yore but are a solid sign that their numbers are on the rebound. Most of these seasonal fliers habitat the Gulf of Mexico states. However, by all accounts, there seems to be a growing winter colony occupying the headlands of Point Pelee national park. Could we be so lucky?

Over the next few weeks, please take a moment and look up when traversing thru North Brampton or south Caledon. These beautiful behemoths of the airwaves are making quick headway south during these last fall days. So whenever you hear their distinctive chirpy call. Look up and watch in awe as these minstrels of thermal updrafts, climb to spectacular heights. Their peculiar chirp along with their elongated neck andlegs. Plus the orchestral flapping of wings. Makes it easy to identify these noisy champions of the sky.

May God Speed!

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