Turning Darkness into Light by Building Self-Confidence

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No one can dispute that 2022 is off to a most calamitous start. It is the 2nd year of rotating geographic lockdowns and curtailed travel opportunities.

Home schooling and working from home has lost its initial appeal and inherent lustre. This subtle civic restlessness is already soliciting political palpation. Imagine what will happen when the 21 day lockdown is extended…

Humans are by nature social creatures. The imposed social isolation of these repeated lockdowns has fermented a growing rebellion and disillusionment with the corridors of political power. Most people want to be emancipated from their jailers.

Keep in mind small businesses are folding like cheap chairs in a church basement after a night of penny ante bingo. Divorce rates are skyrocketing, people are retiring in droves from difficult to fill professional positions. The mental health services are being already taxed to capacity. Despite being trillions of dollars in debt, there is no end game in sight.

The question remains, what can we do to turn this darkness into light? Start by enhancing your own sense of Self Confidence.

Attached below is few suggestions that might make your day a bit brighter.

A: Focus on your small daily victories.

B: Employ your imagination. Think of success!

C: Redefine your own narrative: get active and acquire new skills.

D: Demonstrate tenacity and optimism in your daily vernacular.

E: Search for good partners and colleagues.

F: Find what drives you. Define your passions.

G: Stop apologizing for minor transgressions. (eliminate sorry for 30 days from your vocabulary)

H: Be yourself, be authentic!

Remember life marches on, Carpe Diem! All of us at www.reappraisals.ca wish a Happy and Healthy New Year to One and All!

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