Avian Professors Roosting in West Caledon!

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A hardy pair of northern ravens have just finished raising a family of 3 in a most bucolic setting over looking the Credit River just north of Inglewood.
These sizable and highly intelligent tricksters are relatively recent returnees to the Caledon Hills.  Shunned, shot and poisoned by man for their propensity to eat carrion, farm produce and their dark literary reputation. They were essentially vanquished from the Peel plain and environs by the early 1960’s
These professors of the sky regularly demonstrate primate like levels of cognition.  It is no wonder that they were heralded in Norse, Celtic and First Nation culture.
These passionate partners mate for life and mimic people at being rather territorial.  Northern Ravens regularly live in the wild for 20 plus years.  May Caledon be as lucky to have this first family, as neighbours for decades.
Whether visiting our trail ways or exercising close to home.  Due afford yourself a moment of contemplative relaxation, to watch and listen to some of the most raucous of nature`s aviators. Their antics and good looks will honestly stir your heart.

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