“Fortune Favours the Brave”

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Requesting 100,000 Donated Trees.

Shakespeare once wrote that when Julius Caesar launched his armada in 55 BC to conquer Britain. He had uttered this famous phrase; “Fortune Favours the Brave”!

Requesting that our politicians act demonstratively regarding the recently decommissioned OBRC (rail line) might facilitate Caledon the opportunity of receiving 100,000 free trees. The Federal government has repeatedly promised to plant a billion trees to slow climate change.

Just Imagine that the 55 Km of former Rail Trail was lined every 60 feet with 1 of the possible 100,000 donated trees. This bold aesthetic enhancement would undoubtedly be a visionary attribute to our community. All of us could easily live with the fact that our air would be much cleaner.

IE: 1 tree absorbs 48 pounds of carbon per day; the equivalent of a family of 4 being provided with clean air every day.

Being civically engaged and exhibiting altruistic characteristics is what makes us better individuals and our community stronger. This is also true democracy in action!



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