Saluting Exemplary Public Service!

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President John Kennedy once said, “ for those to whom much is given, much is required”.

Recently, Mayor Tory and Premier Ford have dutifully donned this heavy philosophical mantle. This week`s Solomon-like rhetoric about the greater good taking precedent over the expression of individual sentiments, solicited much public opinion.

Realistically these defining statements help establish the legal parameters of a true democracy. Civic Jurisprudence leans mightily in the direction;  That the health and welfare of the many should not succumb to the wants of the few. By publicly stating that the continued illegal blockades will not be tolerated. They inadvertently set a legal precedent.

The rank and file amongst us, plus the millions that constitute the huddled masses of the world.  Who are earnestly yearning to breathe free?  Intuitively know that by acting officiously, Ontario remains a beacon of Liberty and a Land of Law and Order. Their stalwart work through the pandemic and their foresight in reorienting our economy back towards normal should be loudly applauded.

Realistically there are a myriad of much more pressing social issues to settle. Then chasing people about for proof of vaccination papers and wearing masks. God willing the worst is behind us and as a society adapt. Because the wounds from the pandemic are still raw. Now is the time to talk earnestly about improving long-term care and upgrading our hospital system. May God Speed!

May the wind remain at their back! Wishing the Mayor and Premier the very best for our upcoming long Family Day weekend.

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