Stick Handling through a 63 Seat Majority

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This June 2nd, all Ontarians have the opportunity to express their political sentiments by casting a ballot.

To those that might smirk at our political process with a Cheshire or Cavalier grin. They should remember the words of the recently deceased Congressman John Lewis;  “that right to vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool in a democratic society.” We must use it!

Lest we forget; Tens of Thousands of Ukrainians are presently paying the full & final measure in the anticipated hope that their children can enjoy the privilege of someday soon marking a square political box.
This grim reality regarding the ultimate sacrifice; should nullify all reservations about taking the time & consideration about recording your political opinion.

Closer to home; This Time is rather different for Caledonians.
They have much to consider; First off Caledon will soon become the fastest-growing city in the province. This upcoming election will determine much about our collective future.

Such Hot Button issues such as the Proposed 413 highway, the multitude of planned densely designed subdivisions, deadly old highways with dated technology and capacity limits, subpar public transport, inadequate domestic care services for seniors, and an overall workforce that is dominated by the public system and a health care system that has repeatedly teetered on the verge of collapse several times over the last 2.5 years are but a few points of immediate concern.

Regardless if one votes New Blue, Deep Green, Bright Red, Solid Blue, or White for an independent. Taxpayers should get out and vote in robust #`s this coming Thursday, June 2nd in Ontario`s 43rd provincial election. You and your community will be far richer for the experience.

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