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Common Sense vs. Egregious Greed.

The prospects of building the new 413 highway have already become a most contentious issue, especially in Caledon. Many would argue that this new proposed motorway is not the solution to our inter-regional trade problems. Based on the expanded theory of induced demand. Meanwhile and more importantly the arterial roads that run thru Caledon remain extremely hazardous and are in need of significant remediation. No one debates that constructing the 413 will still take years, if not decades.  The here & now would suggest that there are more economical venues. A more immediate panacea for solving some of the inter-regional transport problems.  Involves the recent political proposal to better utilize the 407.  Unquestionably it has considerable merit.


Attached below is an abbreviated thought de jour and other earlier suggestions shared with a few of the resident groups and council members

Thought de Jour;  Perhaps by reducing the 407 toll fees for commercial traffic. Thousands of trucks could be removed daily from the 401. This common-sense solution might mitigate the immediate need for the new 413 highway. This new source of funding could then be allocated to developing the 401 into Canada`s superhighway as it was originally feted in the 1960s. IE; Land is far more affordable thru Woodstock & onto Windsor than here in the heart of the G.T.A . Plus it encourages passive economic development away from the golden horseshoe. South Caledon has already become one large freight yard. Subsequently, our roadways are already very unsafe due principally to the immense volume of industrial traffic.

Just imagine how dangerous all our roads will become once we are all living astride a mammoth black hole of a transit yard?

Hope the added suggestion helps.   May God Speed!

Respectfully, Thomas.


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