Breaking News: the Orangeville- Brampton Rail Line receives a new lease on life

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Founded in 2000, the Orangeville-Brampton Railway serves several industries in Orangeville and Brampton and was also a public excursion train from 2004 until 2018. Due to the decline in rail traffic in recent years, the user group provided formal notice in 2020 that it would terminate its agreement and service on the line as of December 31, 2021. 

In August 2021, the Region entered into a conditional agreement to purchase the lands. As a result of the strategic importance of the corridor and its intersection with municipal borders, the Region has worked in coordination with the local municipalities throughout the process.

A major portion of the land, which extends from the Caledon-Orangeville boundary to just north of Streetsville, is planned to be transferred to the City of Brampton, Town of Caledon, and City of Mississauga upon closing.

Today, the Peel Regional Council outlined their intent to finalize the purchase of approximately 51km of the former Orangeville Brampton Railway corridor from the Orangeville Railway Development Corporation in order to provide a recreational trail and future utility corridor for a growing region. 

We celebrate this significant accomplishment, truly an outstanding example of numerous municipalities working collectively for the betterment of all residents they serve. Kudos

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