Town of Caledon Updates it`s Green Fund

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Calling all would be David Suzuki`s!

The Town of Caledon has created a $354,000 Green Fund which will sponsor >140 mini-community-oriented environmental projects.

Perhaps the time has finally arrived where some progressively minded elementary teacher can utilize the plethora of <$5,000 G.F grants to teach our children about all the benefits derived from spreading milkweed.

Further, climate change has become part of our lexicon. Maybe some Cub Pack or Scout Troop would be interested in planting small groves of domestic flowering trees at appropriate spots along some of our Trailways. Thereby setting the primary foundations for the creation of beautified sheltered rest stops. These future rest spots will help defer the planet’s slowly depleting oxygen levels. A fine example of a spot for a micro park is at the Credit River Bridge. 3/4 KM east of Inglewood on the Caledon Trail.

Big accolades to the Town for having the initiative in jump-starting such a creative sponsorship program.

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