Pennies from Heaven!

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Bill 23 Advocates that Municipalities Forgo all Development Charges and Parkland Dedication fees.
Presently the city of Toronto is estimating that the 2022 deficit will exceed $800,000,000
Mayor Tory is already genuflecting to numerous Ottawa mandarins for Financial assistance.
If Laneway and Nanny suites must conform to municipal building codes.
Then why would these additional residences not pay a lesser % regarding parkland dedication & substantially mitigated development charges?
Higher densities are inevitable. Equitably deferring the future cost of the intensification of services should hold sway.
A professional AIC appraisal, focused on as is condition. Plus a 2nd appraised value indicating the value added by the renovations and income stream.
These 2 values will be key elements in property owners deriving  the maximum in financing at the lowest rate.
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