Breaking News: the Orangeville- Brampton Rail Line receives a new lease on life

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Founded in 2000, the Orangeville-Brampton Railway serves several industries in Orangeville and Brampton and was also a public excursion train from 2004 until 2018. Due to the decline in rail traffic in recent years, the user group provided formal notice in 2020 that it would terminate its agreement and service on the line as of […]

Whistling Swans = Tundra Swans

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The Headwaters of Ontario is blessed with thousands of ponds and wetlands. In their annual migrations to the Boreal forest and the Canadian Arctic, millions of birds rest in these areas. This ornithological wonder can be tabulated by following “BirdCast “on the internet. It is sponsored by Cornell University and tracks mainly the nocturnal migration of […]

Caledon Village Farmers Market!

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It starts today the Caledon Village farmers market and runs every Friday throughout this month! The Market features local produce and artisans for all to see! Markets open to the public are becoming increasingly popular for people looking for local products, as well as for tourists. Learn more at the link below!

People Or Profit

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Brampton City council has just decreed that the potential 10 km of OBRY parkland be mothballed. Shamefully the potential for future civic profit appears to be taking precedence over the evident benefit that a million or more Citizens could enjoy by having additional parkland running through their neighborhoods. The big question remains, what will Caledon Town […]

Keeping Caledon Beautiful!

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Community Spirit Exemplified  by dozens of Boston Miller’s. Citizens of Cheltenham and Inglewood who are tired of municipal doublespeak and inaction. Recently,  they came together to clean trash from nearly 4 km of  Boston Mills Road over the last few weeks. “On April 24, the Boston Millers got together and collected a pickup truck-full of […]

Staying Ahead Of The Curve!

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Common Sense vs. Egregious Greed. The prospects of building the new 413 highway have already become a most contentious issue, especially in Caledon. Many would argue that this new proposed motorway is not the solution to our inter-regional trade problems. Based on the expanded theory of induced demand. Meanwhile and more importantly the arterial roads that […]