$35 Trillion in New Wealth !

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People all over are deliberating and becoming very concerned about the rising cost of all essential materials. Especially food and shelter. Many ask; How can the economic mandarins espouse that inflation is approx. 3% or less? While price is rising over 1% a month?  Example: Local gas prices have risen 51.35 % a year.   Perhaps acknowledging that […]

New vs Resale

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Buyers often ponder endlessly over the advantages associated with buying a new home versus a resale. Given that normal parameters such as location, lot size and near-term expenses are equal, a well conditioned resale offers the best value. Let us focus on the aforementioned location and lot size. There is an almost unanimous agreement that new home lot sizes […]

Coming Soon

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The post pandemic world has arrived and truly changed all of us. Will this new proposed 413 Highway be part of this change as we transition to this brave new world? Currently, almost all public transport services are running at 40% capacity, undeniably lower than what it was pre-pandemic levels? As double vaccination rates continue […]

Joining the Select Few

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Meet our newest candidate appraiser, Matt McMahon. Matt is a graduate of the University of Guelph’s Bachelor of Commerce Honours Program with a major in Management Economics and Finance. He is an AACI Candidate studying though the University of British Combia’s post-graduate certification program in Real Property Valuation (PGCV). We are very excited for all […]

Simply Priceless! Weston Consulting

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If anyone has experienced the empty ghostly echoes of civic bureaucracy at City Hall, listen up. Our experience has aptly shown that there is simply no group of better professional Ghost Busters than those that herald from Weston Consulting. These experienced and intrepid planners can assist with everything ranging from adding a garage with a studio in your […]

Sharing the Wealth

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Neighbourhoods in transition is a natural stage in civic progression. Something that should be heartily embraced, if such development falls within the over all guidelines vetted by planning officials. When newcomers or long time residents develop or build custom built homes in older subdivisions this starts the process of positive civic evolution for that part […]

Sightings of our Elusive Pink Panther

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One of the intangibles benefits of completing over 15,000 rural appraisals is all the tidbits of country folklore that our appraisers have accumulated over the last 25 years. One of these is the consistent but unsubstantiated rumor of big cats living and breeding throughout southwestern Ontario.   Something that our inquisitive appraisers collectively thought earned honourable […]