Plus & Minuses of Home Renovations

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There is little question that the G.T.A Real-Estate market remains influx! Perhaps renovating your existing home my be a viable alternative? Remembering those old adages about location & your home having good bones, is an excellent starting point. Check out the Globe & Mail article below about the intrinsic follies & benefits of completing a home […]

Osprey Valley Open – Come Watch or Come Play!

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  This year, the Osprey Valley Open tournament donations will be benefiting three local organizations including the Bethell Hospice Foundation, Caledon Community Services, and Credit Valley Conservation. The Bethell Hospice is the only residential hospice servicing all of Caledon, Brampton, and Dufferin County. Charitable donations are critical for such an organization as it allows them […]

Pilot Flops; Wallet Drops

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Recently Burlington taxes have been spent irresponsibly. In fact recklessly would be more accurate. Tax goers paid $210,000 for a pilot project to introduce a bike lane on either side of New Street between Guelph Line and Walker’s Line for one year, only to now, to reverse the decision. Growing public disapproval was amidst the […]

Plastic`s sticky relationship with Cancer #EarthDay #Plastic #SaveWildlife

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Repeated studies now indicate that >80% of all Municipal water systems in the Americas contain microscopic plastic fibers. Scientists have definitively correlated Plastics & Prostrate cancer in young men. The $64,000  question remains;  Could these residual microfibers of plastic be causing other forms of cancer ? Could these almost indiscernible fibers be one of the […]

Tip: Prepare A List Of Home Repairs

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Have an upcoming home appraisal? Maximize the efficiency by… . . Preparing A List Of Home Repairs! . . It’s helpful to let your appraiser know what has been installed especially within the last 36 months, ie. new shed, deck, railing, lighting, floors, windows, roof etc. . If there are any infrastructure improvements within the […]

3 Tiny Earth Day Resolutions That Can Make A World Of Difference!

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There is little argument that Facebook has had a very Bad Week! Factually It has dropped $60 billion in value in just the last few days, for corporate behavior that was most unbecoming! Facebook is also being accused by numerous psychologists of creating a massive vortex of loneliness & depression. These doctors claim that it […]

Business Cycles & Household Debt are Surely First Cousins

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  The Great Recession of 2009 demonstrated that a slowdown of economic activity can be predicated on rising household debt. This was specifically true in the USA but not exclusively. Recorded Household Debt to GDP ratios rose vigorously through 2002 & 2007.  These gallant numbers correlated strongly with increases in unemployment through 2008 & 2011. […]

Going Above & Beyond!

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How much are your home improvements really worth? Ask a couple of experts! In order to assist a client in determining the added   value of garage inside access for properties in the $650,000 to $750,000 range in Northwest Mississauga, Marcus Kormann and Alexandra Bremner hit the streets of Meadowvale to conduct a survey. They went door […]