Pennies from Heaven!

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Bill 23 Advocates that Municipalities Forgo all Development Charges and Parkland Dedication fees. Presently the city of Toronto is estimating that the 2022 deficit will exceed $800,000,000 Mayor Tory is already genuflecting to numerous Ottawa mandarins for Financial assistance. If Laneway and Nanny suites must conform to municipal building codes. Then why would these additional residences not […]

By-passing Caledon Village!

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The 4 corners through Caledon Village is quickly becoming a vehicle quagmire. An already hazardous 4 corners is now expected to handle an exponential spurt in traffic. Much of this near future demand will stem from Erin`s 5 new recently approved subdivisions. Plus the Town of Caledon`s approval 4 new aggregate operations in Ward 1. […]

Whistling Swans = Tundra Swans

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The Headwaters of Ontario is blessed with thousands of ponds and wetlands. In their annual migrations to the Boreal forest and the Canadian Arctic, millions of birds rest in these areas. This ornithological wonder can be tabulated by following “BirdCast “on the internet. It is sponsored by Cornell University and tracks mainly the nocturnal migration of […]

Caledon Village Farmers Market!

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It starts today the Caledon Village farmers market and runs every Friday throughout this month! The Market features local produce and artisans for all to see! Markets open to the public are becoming increasingly popular for people looking for local products, as well as for tourists. Learn more at the link below!