Friends, Caledonians, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears!

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The lack of painted crosswalks at many of our busy Caledon trail road crossings is modestly analogous to the often sited Broken Window theory of criminology.                  The potential for small stores, craft breweries and other tourist oriented businesses to truly capitalize on the tens of thousands hikers, cyclists and equestrians that fill our various […]

Ontario, Yours to Discover!

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For all you city dwellers looking for a getaway into the rural areas of Ontario, have we got a list for you! July 1st, Canada Day, check out the fireworks from 7:00-10:00PM Fergus Centre Wellington Community Sprtsplex August 16th, “Lemons and Lemonade” Sidewalk Sale Join the village of Erin in enjoying all things lemon! August […]

Could the GTA be next? Vancouver detached house prices plunge 33%

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Hypothetically, the million $ question remains : Will Canada’s wild swing towards retro populism deter the 100,000 new Canadians that annually call Toronto home from manning the housing parapets of the G.T.A ? Fact, the majority of new Canadians normally buy with > 50% equity position. See the following Globe & Mail Article below: […]

Waiting for Royal Assent; The Golden Girls Act, Bill 69

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Burlington, Caledon Members of the Provincial Legislature should be crisply applauded for their forward thinking in unanimously passing the Golden Girls Act, Bill 69. Simply it allows municipalities the clarity to interpret the Planning Act in a way that encourages home sharing by unrelated seniors as a housing solution. Presently there are > 5 million spare […]