The Monarch Population Has Started To Rebound!

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#monarch #butterfly #habitat #golfcourses This can be witnessed by the greater numbers that we in the North East are seeing. Habitat recovery has been the real key and interconnecting conservation corridors. Thanks to all the land owners, especially the local golf course that have allowed the Milkweed to grow in the bordering rough. Check out […]

A Chill Starts to Creep into the G.T.A. Housing Market

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Will the lulling, bucolic days of August be the harbinger for the G.T.A housing market for the remainder of 2018 & 2019? Metaphorically the Bank of Canada now sits between a rock and a hard place, regarding it`s predicament to raise rates or hold rates steady. Domestic inflation is now greater > 3.2 %. Nearly […]

The Would Be Donald Trumps Are Everywhere!

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The provincial government is talking about imposing a speculators tax.  Perhaps as the Scottish philosopher & economist Adam Smith indicated, things should be left to the invisible hand of the market place. Several verifiable sources have repeatedly indicated that at least 1 in 5 brand new homes are not closing. If prices continue to adjust, […]

Accurate Appraisals email onslaught, hits a Grand Slam!

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BIG Kudos to Brian Baird Manager of Caledon Parks & Regional Councilor Barb Shaughnessy for their immediate support in having the copious amounts of litter removed from the Caledon trail way park terminals.  Having the repugnant smelling Port-o-let cleaned at the Inglewood trail head as well was most relieving!  It has evidently become more than […]

Plus & Minuses of Home Renovations

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There is little question that the G.T.A Real-Estate market remains influx! Perhaps renovating your existing home my be a viable alternative? Remembering those old adages about location & your home having good bones, is an excellent starting point. Check out the Globe & Mail article below about the intrinsic follies & benefits of completing a home […]

Osprey Valley Open – Come Watch or Come Play!

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  This year, the Osprey Valley Open tournament donations will be benefiting three local organizations including the Bethell Hospice Foundation, Caledon Community Services, and Credit Valley Conservation. The Bethell Hospice is the only residential hospice servicing all of Caledon, Brampton, and Dufferin County. Charitable donations are critical for such an organization as it allows them […]

“The best music fest Northwest of Toronto….” #OrangevilleBluesandJazzFestival

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Those who live around the Headwaters will tell you it’s not only an unbelievably stunning landscape but it’s also an exciting place with many wonderful recreational activities and summertime events. Next weekend Orangeville plays host to a fine selection of talented artists and musicians during the 16th annual Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival, running from June […]