People Or Profit

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Brampton City council has just decreed that the potential 10 km of OBRY parkland be mothballed. Shamefully the potential for future civic profit appears to be taking precedence over the evident benefit that a million or more Citizens could enjoy by having additional parkland running through their neighborhoods. The big question remains, what will Caledon Town […]

Keeping Caledon Beautiful!

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Community Spirit Exemplified  by dozens of Boston Miller’s. Citizens of Cheltenham and Inglewood who are tired of municipal doublespeak and inaction. Recently,  they came together to clean trash from nearly 4 km of  Boston Mills Road over the last few weeks. “On April 24, the Boston Millers got together and collected a pickup truck-full of […]

“Fortune Favours the Brave”

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Requesting 100,000 Donated Trees. Shakespeare once wrote that when Julius Caesar launched his armada in 55 BC to conquer Britain. He had uttered this famous phrase; “Fortune Favours the Brave”! Requesting that our politicians act demonstratively regarding the recently decommissioned OBRC (rail line) might facilitate Caledon the opportunity of receiving 100,000 free trees. The Federal […]

‘Dangerous’ and ‘scary’: Highway traffic in Caledon raises serious concern for some

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Karin and Tom Bremner have been advocating for road safety in Caledon for years. The couple lives in Inglewood and runs a blog through their appraisal company’s website where they talk about road issues and work in Caledon. In their neighbourhood, they see a plethora of cars being rerouted through the village whenever parts of […]

The Beauty of Christmas!

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Charles Dickens once wrote; “For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty founder was a child himself”. This Christmas let us honor the spirit of the season by remembering that kindness is the greatest gift of all. Never has the need been greater than after these […]