A Unique Sighting!

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In 1962 Naturalist Rachel Carson penned some of the earliest warnings about the consequences of ubiquitous spraying of herbicides. “The fact that every meal we eat carries its load of chlorinated hydrocarbons is the inevitable consequence of the almost universal spraying or dusting of agricultural crops with these poisons”. Predatory birds like the Osprey, Bald […]

Community Safety Zones in Caledon!

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All citizens of the realm inevitably become richer with the introduction of safety zones in their communities.] A recent article in the Caledon Enterprise highlighted the danger of reckless driving within Caledon. See the article linked below: Brampton truck driver charged in Hwy. 10 crash that killed Caledon woman Not only do our roads last longer, […]

Affordable Home Office Tips!

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Affordable Home Office Tips! Recently, working from home has become the new normal for millions. If this is your reality, surely you will benefit from the itemized list below with some straightforward tips our team has come up with to assist in making your working days more productive: 1. Pick a room (preferably with a […]

Puddles and Potholes and Cracks – Oh My!

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Good Afternoon, You may be familiar with the CAA Magazine annual campaign titled Canada’s Worst Roads. We thought it might be interesting to publish a blog outlining the road in Caledon that we think requires the utmost TLC. McLaughlin Rd runs parallel to Highway 10, and evidently proves quite convenient for residents of Caledon, particularly in the […]

Jobs For Thousands!

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Encapsulated below is an inspiring article highlighting how Caledon and the Headwaters Region can remain Canada’s greenest city and employ thousands! The Headwaters Region is awash in natural wonders; Scenic valleys, hundreds of kilometers of trails, picturesque villages, dynamic rivers, and 800 km of Niagara Escarpment to explore. Please encourage your local representative to support […]