Yours to Discover & Open for Business

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Protecting Trail Visitors Recently, we have seen an uptake in the number of urban tourists visiting our hamlets & villages, by traversing the trailways. Largely due to the COVID-19 quarantine, this mushrooming phenomena of Urban tourism will predominate the service sector economy into the foreseeable future. Factually, hundreds – if not thousands – regularly traverse […]

Happy Mothers Day!

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Good Afternoon, We encourage you to visit the attached link to the Caledon Citizen, and scroll to the bottom page, to see a full page focusing on Women in Business – a highly relevant topic in 2020. The page encompasses various business advertisements for smart and talented local business-owners – all of whom are women! […]

The Art of Giving Back

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The art of giving back is relevant now more than ever; there is no better time than the present to find a local organization that provides assistance to those in need. While humans around the globe are facing the fear of Covid-19, some are struggling more than others, as they do not have access to […]

Fruit Impersonations!

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Happy Wednesday! It looks like winter wasn’t finished with us yet! All we can see out of the windows of our Caledon office is bright white SNOW. Once you have finished making an April snow-angels, and grieving the loss of recently bloomed flowers (please let this be the last snowfall!), we have a suggestion for a super […]

We are Stronger Together!

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While Covid-19 has certainly been a negative experience for the world, something uplifting in all of this is the feelings of unity and support towards our health care workers, as well as the ongoing message that we are “all in this together”. We invite you to follow the link below to an article about first […]

March Break Activity Ideas!

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March Break is one of the most exciting weeks of the year for youth – an entire week of no school, and plenty of time for fun! This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has limited excitement in this regard, by restricting available activities for kids to engage in during their time off. That being said, many […]