The Calm Before The Storm

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Feeling besieged by doubt on where property values are headed? Lenders are now logically demanding credible and logical reports. Having anticipated this latest market volatility, Accurate`s Team is already in full mid-October swing! To better serve your clients, our Field Appraisers are now back on their weekly 6-day schedule. Please note that all our offices […]

Whistling Swans = Tundra Swans

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The Headwaters of Ontario is blessed with thousands of ponds and wetlands. In their annual migrations to the Boreal forest and the Canadian Arctic, millions of birds rest in these areas. This ornithological wonder can be tabulated by following “BirdCast “on the internet. It is sponsored by Cornell University and tracks mainly the nocturnal migration of […]

The Invisible Hand

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Could the Quantitative Easing by the Bank of Canada be the identifiable rocket fuel that is feeding the frenzied G.T.A housing market? Several leading bank economists believe there is a direct correlation between the unbridled capacity of our central bank to swallow every form of repackaged debt, particularly their own, and the runaway price inflation […]

Advocating for Affordable Child Care

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Wondering where all the workers have gone? Those with children will simply tell you that their wages are not significant enough to justify the expense of child care! Affordable Child Care would be an immediate panacea for tens of thousands of parents looking to bulk up their social-economic standing and for employers to find skilled […]

Saluting Exemplary Public Service!

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President John Kennedy once said, “ for those to whom much is given, much is required”. Recently, Mayor Tory and Premier Ford have dutifully donned this heavy philosophical mantle. This week`s Solomon-like rhetoric about the greater good taking precedent over the expression of individual sentiments, solicited much public opinion. Realistically these defining statements help establish the […]