4 plants or 40 what is the difference?

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Technically, October 17th 2018 is C Day for all cannabis growers. How will this legislative Pandora`s Box effect property values is discussed in the Globe & Mail article below. If you have any other questions , please feel to email admin@reappraisals.ca Appraisers warn of the real-estate cost of homegrown cannabis SHANE DINGMAN TORONTO PUBLISHED OCTOBER […]

A Chill Starts to Creep into the G.T.A. Housing Market

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Will the lulling, bucolic days of August be the harbinger for the G.T.A housing market for the remainder of 2018 & 2019? Metaphorically the Bank of Canada now sits between a rock and a hard place, regarding it`s predicament to raise rates or hold rates steady. Domestic inflation is now greater > 3.2 %. Nearly […]

The Would Be Donald Trumps Are Everywhere!

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The provincial government is talking about imposing a speculators tax.  Perhaps as the Scottish philosopher & economist Adam Smith indicated, things should be left to the invisible hand of the market place. Several verifiable sources have repeatedly indicated that at least 1 in 5 brand new homes are not closing. If prices continue to adjust, […]

Plus & Minuses of Home Renovations

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There is little question that the G.T.A Real-Estate market remains influx! Perhaps renovating your existing home my be a viable alternative? Remembering those old adages about location & your home having good bones, is an excellent starting point. Check out the Globe & Mail article below about the intrinsic follies & benefits of completing a home […]

Plastic`s sticky relationship with Cancer #EarthDay #Plastic #SaveWildlife

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Repeated studies now indicate that >80% of all Municipal water systems in the Americas contain microscopic plastic fibers. Scientists have definitively correlated Plastics & Prostrate cancer in young men. The $64,000  question remains;  Could these residual microfibers of plastic be causing other forms of cancer ? Could these almost indiscernible fibers be one of the […]