Plus & Minuses of Home Renovations

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There is little question that the G.T.A Real-Estate market remains influx! Perhaps renovating your existing home my be a viable alternative? Remembering those old adages about location & your home having good bones, is an excellent starting point. Check out the Globe & Mail article below about the intrinsic follies & benefits of completing a home […]

Plastic`s sticky relationship with Cancer #EarthDay #Plastic #SaveWildlife

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Repeated studies now indicate that >80% of all Municipal water systems in the Americas contain microscopic plastic fibers. Scientists have definitively correlated Plastics & Prostrate cancer in young men. The $64,000  question remains;  Could these residual microfibers of plastic be causing other forms of cancer ? Could these almost indiscernible fibers be one of the […]

Could Rent Controls De-Couple the G.T.A Condo Market ? #RentControl #GTA #TREB

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The new 2018 rent control guidelines ( which now includes all private market housing units within the province. This new legislation will effect > 30,000 newbie landlords.  Most will be apartments in the sky. Please note that vacancy rates in the G.T.A are < .085%. This categorical evidence demonstrates that this is a vibrant city […]

CIBC Senior economists Benjamin Tal reviews 2018 Spring property market.

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Caledon, Liberty Village; Listing increasing by 20% and sales dropping by 55%. Buyers by the boat load sitting on the sidelines. Has government tinkering gone too far ! Do we have a pending housing crisis?        

3 Tiny Earth Day Resolutions That Can Make A World Of Difference!

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There is little argument that Facebook has had a very Bad Week! Factually It has dropped $60 billion in value in just the last few days, for corporate behavior that was most unbecoming! Facebook is also being accused by numerous psychologists of creating a massive vortex of loneliness & depression. These doctors claim that it […]