Bicycles, Transport and Housing

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On October 14th, Caledon OPP reported a collision crash between a motorcycle and transport truck. This is not uncommon in the area and something must be done for the safety of the community. In fact, earlier this month a group of volunteers conducted a study observing the intersection of Highway 10 and Olde Base Line. Clearly, […]

Sightings of our Elusive Pink Panther

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One of the intangibles benefits of completing over 15,000 rural appraisals is all the tidbits of country folklore that our appraisers have accumulated over the last 25 years. One of these is the consistent but unsubstantiated rumor of big cats living and breeding throughout southwestern Ontario.   Something that our inquisitive appraisers collectively thought earned honourable […]

A Unique Sighting!

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In 1962 Naturalist Rachel Carson penned some of the earliest warnings about the consequences of ubiquitous spraying of herbicides. “The fact that every meal we eat carries its load of chlorinated hydrocarbons is the inevitable consequence of the almost universal spraying or dusting of agricultural crops with these poisons”. Predatory birds like the Osprey, Bald […]

Brampton, The City of Falling Petals….

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The city once called “The Flower Town of Canada”, a title based on a vast acreage mostly covered by large number of greenhouses (which began with Edward Dale in 1863) and reaching a production of over 20 million blooms. Brampton, unfortunately, has, throughout the years, lost the designation… today; still commonly known as “Flower City” […]

Can 40,000 daily commuters be wrong?

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Can 40,000 daily commuters be wrong? Since 2014, when it was noted that over 600 traffic accidents had occurred within under 3 years, our team at Accurate (Peel) Appraisals has been diligently attempting to command change. The Peel region is no stranger to harmful weather, however, accidents occur on both Highway 10 and the 410 […]