Brampton, The City of Falling Petals….

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The city once called “The Flower Town of Canada”, a title based on a vast acreage mostly covered by large number of greenhouses (which began with Edward Dale in 1863) and reaching a production of over 20 million blooms. Brampton, unfortunately, has, throughout the years, lost the designation… today; still commonly known as “Flower City” […]

Can 40,000 daily commuters be wrong?

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Can 40,000 daily commuters be wrong? Since 2014, when it was noted that over 600 traffic accidents had occurred within under 3 years, our team at Accurate (Peel) Appraisals has been diligently attempting to command change. The Peel region is no stranger to harmful weather, however, accidents occur on both Highway 10 and the 410 […]

4 plants or 40 what is the difference?

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Technically, October 17th 2018 is C Day for all cannabis growers. How will this legislative Pandora`s Box effect property values is discussed in the Globe & Mail article below. If you have any other questions , please feel to email Appraisers warn of the real-estate cost of homegrown cannabis SHANE DINGMAN TORONTO PUBLISHED OCTOBER […]

The Monarch Population Has Started To Rebound!

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#monarch #butterfly #habitat #golfcourses This can be witnessed by the greater numbers that we in the North East are seeing. Habitat recovery has been the real key and interconnecting conservation corridors. Thanks to all the land owners, especially the local golf course that have allowed the Milkweed to grow in the bordering rough. Check out […]

A Chill Starts to Creep into the G.T.A. Housing Market

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Will the lulling, bucolic days of August be the harbinger for the G.T.A housing market for the remainder of 2018 & 2019? Metaphorically the Bank of Canada now sits between a rock and a hard place, regarding it`s predicament to raise rates or hold rates steady. Domestic inflation is now greater > 3.2 %. Nearly […]