Avian Professors Roosting in West Caledon!

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A hardy pair of northern ravens have just finished raising a family of 3 in a most bucolic setting over looking the Credit River just north of Inglewood. These sizable and highly intelligent tricksters are relatively recent returnees to the Caledon Hills.  Shunned, shot and poisoned by man for their propensity to eat carrion, farm produce and their dark […]

A Majestic Surge

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One of the highlights of this Easter weekend was spotting five Sandhill cranes.   They were observed just north of Inglewood as they repeatedly circled in their efforts to catch the high thermals, while heading north. Could this quintet be part of the Lake Erie (long point) winter population that is slowly recolonizing their historical breeding grounds? […]

A Unique Sighting!

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In 1962 Naturalist Rachel Carson penned some of the earliest warnings about the consequences of ubiquitous spraying of herbicides. “The fact that every meal we eat carries its load of chlorinated hydrocarbons is the inevitable consequence of the almost universal spraying or dusting of agricultural crops with these poisons”. Predatory birds like the Osprey, Bald […]

The Monarch Population Has Started To Rebound!

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#monarch #butterfly #habitat #golfcourses This can be witnessed by the greater numbers that we in the North East are seeing. Habitat recovery has been the real key and interconnecting conservation corridors. Thanks to all the land owners, especially the local golf course that have allowed the Milkweed to grow in the bordering rough. Check out […]

Thank You for Your Contributions!!

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Happy Holidays! We hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season thus far and wanted to share with you what your contributions have helped us do!  As you know, Accurate (Peel) Appraisals is extremely dedicated to our communities and consistently strives to make our communities better places for all! However, without your help, none of this […]

Bobolinks and Meadowlarks Placed on Threatened Species List (Please Support Bird Friendly Hay)

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This month’s version of In The Hills Magazine has a large exposé about these lyrical, long distance fliers that frequent our open grasslands. Supporting bird-friendly hay is a formidable first step in securing the long term habitat essential to their survival. Think twice about where and when your hay was harvested. Experts collectively agree that […]