Kaneff`s Caledon Golf Resort Stimulates Road Safety Upgrades

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Thanks, Tom. I support the Kaneff proposal for many of the same reasons you have shared.
I will put your comment regarding the traffic issues in my file for discussion at one of our next meetings with MTO. We have had some success by meeting as a group with the Region and MTO. Examples are the advanced greens at Olde Base Line and most recently we have had advanced greens installed for folks on Charleston Sideroad in Caledon Village. Certainly makes the intersection of 10 and Charleston safer and allows our residents to move both north and south with some safety with regard to the many trucks that use that intersection,.
Cheers. Just thought I would let you know.
Dear Mayor Thompson;
Congrats on the long overdue approval of the new 27 hole golf course located on the north/west quadrant of  Olde base line & Highway 10. It will be nothing but an asset to the community and it`s tax base.
 Logically the new golf course with club house & hotel will mean full time & seasonal  jobs for many locals and their children.
This would certainly imply that this already busy vehicle intersection at HGH 10 & olde base will have Exponentially more Bi-Pedal traffic within the next 2 to 4 years..  If history is any measure, perhaps now is the time to start petitioning the M.T.O  for permission to install pedestrian lights with numerical indicators & highlighted crosswalks.
Regardless of when these safety upgrades would be constructed the intersection becomes a safer environment.  By all accounts the highway remains a notoriously bad commute,especially in inclement weather;   Much more is needed. IE By-pass @ Caledon Village, proper turning lanes, better illumination at our intersections at a minimum, wider & more lanes, proper shoulders etc. but to mention a few.   Knowing full well that few of these things will be implemented in the foreseeable future.  Let`s  start by requesting the most rudimentary of safety provisions. Perhaps the developer could assist in partially offsetting the costs ?
Redundantly may we remind all concerned that Accurate Appraisals has tried to sponsor a GO Bus shelter or 2 on that corner for the last number of years.  Maybe the 2 related concepts could someday overlap ?
Last but not least, deaths at the corner have fortunately been nullified since the advent of the advance green turning light. A true tip of the hat to all petitioned for that much needed safety upgrade.
Sadly the gory statistics for lower highway 10 have not changed significantly for the better. This forwarded safety request is again but a small, affordable suggestion that will make the Kings Highway in Caledon marginally safer.   Your guidance along with councils assistance in this matter would be very much appreciated. Please keep in mind that the real lives of your constituents lies in the balance.
May all concerned have a lovely, safe & enjoyable week.
                                                                        Thomas Bremner.
PS:  Regrettably the vacant light standards at the 410 & 10 merge thru the Etobicoke  hallow remain devoid of illumination.  Perhaps Someday soon ?

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